Detec Intregriscan, leak detection | Rommel What is IntegriScan

What is IntegriScan?

This unique feature of IntegriScan allows it to effectively detect leaks in black EPDM and other semi-conductive membranes. No other method can offer this capability, making IntegriScan the top choice for leak detection testing. Whether it’s black EPDM or other similar materials, IntegriScan has the expertise to identify and locate leaks accurately. This exclusive capability sets IntegriScan apart from other methods and ensures that users can trust its results for their leak detection needs.

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New Zealand construction industry facade testing image of facade

New Zealand Construction Industry: Unveiling the complex layers

The New Zealand construction industry’s multiple layers of sub-contractors on commercial building sites can benefit greatly from implementing onsite testing measures. Through this approach, quality assurance can be enhanced, accountability can be maintained, collaboration can be fostered, and continuous improvement can be achieved. By prioritising onsite testing, construction projects can strive for excellence and deliver high-quality outcomes.

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