AAMA 501

AAMA 502

AAMA 511

ASTM E1105

Rommel utilizes rigorous testing to diagnose, document and resolve any cause of water ingress in commercial construction.

Despite the best efforts or manufacturers and construction teams, there are various variables on-site that can cause unintentional water ingress.

That is where Rommel steps in, both with new builds and existing constructions, we work to ensure that any possible watertight problems are identified. With comprehensive knowledge in building structures and structural intrusion investigations, we are able to provide expert advice and guide you along the process.

Failure to find leakages and watertight issues in the early stages can result in delays that could have been avoided and costly remedial work later on down the track. This is why it is important to contact us and get us involved as early on as you can.

We use specialized analytical equipment that is calibrated for consistent results. Our field experts are well trained, knowledgeable in all evaluation criteria.

Rommel is New Zealand’s leading Specialist for on-site weather testing in New Zealand. We are an approved company by both AAMA and FGIA.

The tests we carry out include AAMA 501, AAMA 502, AAMA 511 and ASTM E1105. These tests are used for quality assurance and for diagnostics of water leakage of built storefronts, curtain wall and sloped glazing systems etc.

We offer on-site water testing of windows, on-site water testing of doors, cladding and facades, fenestration testing on joinery, glazing tests and more. Contact us for more information about how we can help you today.