Services for Rain Leak detection

Testing Deck Leak

Leak testing of roof inspection

Damage caused by moisture can be avoided with the right tests and checks.

Watertight issues and unidentified leakages can cause headaches for all involved in both new builds and existing builds. Rommel can identify and diagnose the origins of potential or actual water intrusion and help to give you the advice you need in a timely manner.

Contact Rommel today if you are looking for a reliable second or third-party testing company to conduct thorough professional research, provide detailed reports and assist you through the whole process.

The tests we carry out include AAMA 501, AAMA 502, AAMA 511 and ASTM E1105. These tests are used for quality assurance and for diagnostics of water leakage of built storefronts, curtain wall and sloped glazing systems etc.

We offer on-site water testing of windows, on-site water testing of doors, cladding and facades, fenestration testing on joinery, glazing tests and more. Contact us for more information about how we can help you today.