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At Rommel, we understand the importance of identifying and resolving any potential issues with water ingress in commercial construction. Our rigorous Onsite Water Leak Detection Testing methods allow us to diagnose and document any problems, ensuring we can provide expert advice and guidance to our clients. We specialise in new and existing construction, utilising our comprehensive knowledge of building structures and structural intrusion investigations. 

It’s crucial to identify any leakages or watertight issues in the early stages of construction to avoid costly remedial work down the track. We would recommend that you conduct our specialised tests before the interior walls are completed. This allows any moisture to be easily detected during the test, and necessary adjustments can be made before the construction of the building is finished. 

Because despite the best efforts or manufacturers and construction teams, variables on-site can cause unintentional water ingress. However, quality assurance onsite testing can provide valuable insights into your projects current long term durability.

That is where Rommel steps in, both with new builds and existing construction; we work to ensure that any possible watertight problems are identified. With comprehensive knowledge in building structures and structural intrusion investigations, we can provide expert advice and guide you through the process.

Failure to find leakages and watertight issues in the early stages can result in delays that could have been avoided and costly remedial work later on. This is why contacting us and getting us involved as early as possible is important.

It is advisable to conduct this test when the interior walls are not yet completed, as this allows any moisture to be easily detected during the test. By doing so, necessary adjustments can be made before the construction of the building is finished. If the test area is enclosed by interior finishes, the contractor should anticipate additional expenses for uncovering the wall(s) and restoring their appearance once the testing is done.

Calibrated equipment

We use specialized analytical equipment that is calibrated for consistent results. Our field experts are well trained, knowledgeable in all evaluation criteria.

Rommel is New Zealand’s leading Specialist for on-site weather testing in New Zealand. We are an approved company by Window & Glass Association NZ (WGANZ).

The tests we carry out include WGANZ 501, WGANZ 502, WGANZ 511 and WGANZ 1105. These tests are used for quality assurance and for diagnostics of water leakage of built storefronts, curtain walls and sloped glazing systems.

Facade Field Testing Services

On-site Window Joinery AAMA 501 and 502 Testing

Leave your Window Water Leakage Testing to us as professional Window & Glass Association NZ (WGANZ) members.

Rommel was proud to become an official professional member of the field water testing agent in New Zealand, Which WGANZ approved. Rommel staff have had valuable experience in on-site testing for commercial and residential buildings since 2018.

Rommel has been working with the fenestration industry to develop window field-testing standards. Field testing aims to provide quality assurance and diagnostic field water check methods for installed shopfronts, curtain walls, sloped glazing and cladding systems.

Rommel works closely with Façade Engineers from different companies ensuring that consistent test procedures and test equipment are used to replicate best what is carried out in a qualified testing facility.

We also offer a test selection service to assist with fitting the best test to the application.

Testing Standards

The testing procedures adhere to the standards set by Australian/New Zealand Standards 4284:2008, Testing of Building Facades and New Zealand’s 4211:2022. In addition, these methods draw upon the façade testing approaches established by the American Aluminium Manufacturers Association (AAMA). Rommel conducts façade AAMA 501, and AAMA 502 – Testing standards accepted worldwide..

In the past few years, we have been working with some outstanding construction and consultancy companies like Babbage Consultants, CMP, Mott Macdonald, Woodview, Bracewell, Mineheart Bunacci, Hawkins and Form to help them with water leakage testing in their projects.

If you need our services for your upcoming projects, please feel free to contact us.

Building enclosure services, AAMA testing, AAMA 501, WGANZ, AAMA 502, providing quality assurance

Rommel onsite testing services offers comprehensive quality assurance solutions for building enclosure services. With expertise in AAMA testing and compliance with industry standards such as AAMA 501 and WGANZ, we ensure that your building meets the highest standards of performance and durability. Our professionals are well-versed in AAMA 502 guidelines and provide accurate and reliable testing services to ensure the integrity of your building enclosure.

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IntegriScan is the most accurate electronic testing method available,  Being the only system available that meets ASTM D8231-19 ( Standard practice for Electronic Leak Methods for detecting and locating leaks )

This advanced, low-voltage test ensures 100% of the membrane is free of breaches, holes, and seam voids. IntegriScan’s unique technology facilitates reliable testing compared to vector mapping and archaic flood The IntegriScan equipment eliminates the need for a perimeter wire by limiting the testing area to directly below the Scanning Platform. Detec’s Vertical Scanning Unit (VSU) tests vertical surfaces, rebar flashings, and hard-to-reach areas.

The IntegriScan™ is the ONLY method available for testing black EPDM and other semi-conductive membranes. Additionally, Tru Ground Conductive Primer enables electronic testing on conventional assemblies with non-conductive substrates such as wood, insulation, and overboard.

What benefits of IntegriScan™?

  • Verifies the integrity of roofing or waterproofing assemblies.
  • Pinpoints breaches, holes, and seam voids after membrane installation so repairs can be made immediately, ensuring minimal impact on the construction schedule.
  • Quick, efficient, and reliable. The IntegriScan platform can test up to 3500 m in a day.
  • Ensures 100% coverage. Tests horizontal surfaces, vertical surfaces, details, and penetrations.

New Meshless Membrane Leakage Testing

◎  Confirms conclusively if a horizontal and vertical membrane is watertight
◎  Locates breaches in conductive membranes, including black EPDM
◎  Locates breaches during installation so repairs can be made immediately
◎  Detects breaches in confined spaces, including rebar
◎ Locates breaches caused by trade damage prior to the placing of overburden
◎ Provides a safe, precise, cost-effective, and conclusive substitute for flood testing and vector mapping
◎ Pinpoints hard-to-find leaks in older membranes
◎ Delivers quality control through third-party verification
◎ Preferred by warranty providers, contractors, and consultants.

If you require our services for your upcoming projects, please do not hesitate to contact us.

EFVM Membranbes testing leak roof


  • So do you guys do the ASTM E1105 testing?

  • Are all of these standards really necessary?

    • each and every single one of these methods are necessary for on-site leak detection, for example on-site window testing standards are AAMA 501 and 502

  • What if a fully build house has some leakage problems can you guys do anything about it?

    • These leak detection methods are not just for houses before fully built but we can test your home for any leak and moisture issues with equipment such as Thermography, also known as thermal imaging without destroying your home.

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