IntegriScan Electronic Leak Detection in Auckland

IntegriScan Electronic Leak Detection in Auckland

What is IntegriScan™ for waterproofing membrane testing?

IntegriScan is the most accurate electronic testing method available for waterproofing membranes. IntegriScan is the only system that meets ASTM D8231-19 (Standard practice for Electronic Leak Methods for detecting and locating leaks).

This advanced, low-voltage test ensures 100% of the waterproofing membrane is free of breaches, holes, and seam voids. IntegriScan’s unique technology facilitates reliable testing compared to vector mapping and archaic flood. The IntegriScan equipment eliminates the need for a perimeter wire by limiting the testing area to directly below the Scanning Platform. Detec’s Vertical Scanning Unit (VSU) tests vertical surfaces, rebar flashings, and hard-to-reach areas.

The IntegriScan™ is the ONLY method for testing black EPDM and other semi-conductive waterproofing membranes. Tru Ground Conductive Primer also enables electronic testing on conventional assemblies with non-conductive substrates such as wood, insulation, and coverboard.

Benefits of meshless waterproofing membrane testing with IntegriScan™?

Waterproofing membranes provide a cost effective, durable and reliable solution for protecting buildings and infrastructure from water damage. It’s important to identify hidden leaks in waterproof membranes decks as these areas can be wide open, flat surfaces, or even worse, a lot of corners and protrusions which equally need protection. Improper installation or inadequate preparation of the surface can cause the membrane to fail prematurely. For example, if the surface is not cleaned and dried properly before installation, the membrane may not adhere properly, leading to leaks.



Then, once installed, there is foot traffic, furniture, and other objects which can cause damage to the membrane over time. We also should not forget building movement or settling of the underlying structure which can cause the membrane to tear or separate, allowing water to penetrate. 


Specifying quality assurance testing techniques at the outset of your design or build project everyone involved in the project will have long term peace of mind:



  • Verifies the integrity of roofing or waterproofing membranes.

  • Pinpoints breaches, holes, and seam voids after membranes installation so repairs can be made immediately ensuring minimal impact on the construction schedule.

  • Quick, efficient, and reliable. The IntegriScan platform can test up to 3500 m in a day.

  • Ensures 100% coverage. Tests horizontal surfaces, vertical surfaces, details, and penetrations of the membranes.

Projects That Require Electonic Leak Detection for waterproofing membranes

  • Multi-family Buildings
  • Data Processing Centers
  • Hospitals and Medical Facilities
  • Reservoir Covers
  • Parking Buildings
  • Mixed Use Buildings
  • Cold Storage Facilities
  • Tunnels / Below Grade Membranes
  • Commercial and Office Buildings
  • Sports Complexes
  • Institutional and Government Buildings
  • Education Facilities
  • Document Storage Facilities
  • High End Pre-Manufactured Homes

And any application that relies on a waterproof membrane system

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