Case Study: Onsite Testing Services for Kāinga Ora 124-126 St George St, Papatoetoe


The Kāinga Ora project at 124-126 St George Street in Papatoetoe is a 5-storey multi-residential apartment building comprising 28 oneand two-bedroom apartments. Rommel Ltd was brought on board to provide quality assurance WGANZ 502 onsite testing services for this significant development in Kainga Ora’s portfolio. The project’s scope included the supply and installation of over 100 units of STARKE40 joinery by Starke, ensuring high-quality windows and doors for the build.

Project Team


Architectus is an architecture and urbanism practice designing places and spaces tuned to their communities, context, and culture. With over 30 years of experience, they have been creating innovative and bespoke projects around Aotearoa New Zealand, shaping precincts and campuses with people and sustainability at their heart.

Founded in Aotearoa New Zealand in 1986, Architectus today is a trans-Tasman partnership with Architectus Australia, and is one of Australasia’s largest and most diverse architecture practices with over 770 talented designers and specialists across twelve studios.

Their commitment to creating sustainable, enduring, and community-oriented spaces is showcased in their involvement in the Kāinga Ora project at 124-126 St George Street, exemplifying their integrated approach to archAustralasia’se human stories and environmental stewardship are at the heart of every design.

Kāinga Ora: Transforming Homes, Communities, and Lives

Kāinga Ora is dedicated to building better homes and communities for New Zealanders. With a focus on values like Manaakitanga, Mahi Tahi, and Whanake, the organisation’s core purpose is positively impacting people’s lives. As a public housing landlord and urban development agency, Kāinga Ora works to provide quality homes, support Māori aspirations, and partner with various stakeholders to create inclusive communities. Collaborating with councils, government agencies, and community housing providers, Kāinga Ora aims to deliver diverse housing options and urban developments that prioritise well-being and sustainability. Their efforts align with their vision of enhancing the quality of life for residents across New Zealand.

Oculus Engineering

Oculus, a leading innovator in building enclosure design and construction in New Zealand and Australia, is revolutionising how structures are built in the region. By leveraging cutting-edge technology and scientific principles, Oculus specialises in optimising the design of roofs, walls, windows, and waterproofing systems to ensure optimal performance. Their expert team focuses on creating buildings that effectively keep the elements out while maintaining a comfortable and secure interior environment.

Collaborating closely with architects, Oculus is dedicated to delivering weather-tight, cost-effective, energy-efficient, warm, and dry buildings. Through their meticulous attention to detail and commitment to quality, Oculus is setting new standards for building integrity and sustainability in the industry.

Bracewell Construction

Bracewell Construction was founded in 1952 by Barry Bracewell and has been led by Glenn Bracewell since 1981. Alongside Glenn, his son Seth also works in the family business, and the company has grown to be a highly respected operation for its punctuality and high-quality work. Specialising in various projects such as residential buildings, schools, offices, and hotels, Bracewell Construction has a strong track record, having completed over 1000 apartments. With a 65-year reputation for timely construction services, they are a trustworthy choice for top-notch construction services.


STÄRKE has earned a great reputation by recognising that facade design goes beyond weather protection and focuses on efficiency and innovation. Over the past four decades, their commitment to excellence has driven them to continually meet high standards and lead with cutting-edge, sustainable designs.

Their dedication to people, the planet, and profit ensures that their projects are both innovative and sustainable. STÄRKE’s ongoing innovation positions them to deliver even more revolutionary and eco-friendly architectural solutions in the years to come.

Feedback from the team on facade team working with Rommel

Professional Team and Equipment

Rommel Ltd’s testing team, led by the experienced Sam, was well-prepared and equipped with advanced testing systems. The team’s expertise guaranteed adherence to the rigorous standards of WGANZ 502 testing, vital for the success of this multi-residential apartment project.


Rommel Ltd’s testing services were carried out with high professionalism and organisational efficiency. Key highlights include:

  1. Precision Testing: The utilisation of WGANZ 502 method ensured all window and door installations met stringent performance standards, maintaining the structural integrity, water tightness and therefore, energy efficiency of the build.
  2. Seamless Integration: The testing schedule was meticulously planned to integrate seamlessly with Bracewell Construction’s workflow, ensuring the project remained on track without delays.
  3. Timeliness: Punctuality was a cornerstone of the testing process, with Rommel Ltd adhering strictly to the timelines, ensuring the construction progress was uninterrupted.

Team Dynamics

Sam and his team from Rommel Ltd were notable for their professional and amiable interaction with the construction team’s included:

  • Pleasant and Professional Demeanour: Their helpful and friendly approach facilitated a collaborative and constructive working environment, enhancing overall project efficiency.
  • Well-Organised and Efficient: The team’s methodical approach and clear communication ensured that testing was carried out systematically, with no room for errors.
  • Timelines: Adherence to project timelines was a cornerstone of Rommel Ltd’s approach. Their punctuality ensured that construction progress was uninterrupted, contributing to the overall efficiency of the project.
  • Good Sense of Humour: Their ability to maintain a positive atmosphere contributed significantly to reducing stress and improving morale on the job site.

Rommel Ltd’s successful completion of WGANZ 502 testing for the Kāinga Ora project at 124-126 St George Street, Papatoetoe, exemplifies quality and reliability in construction. Their collaboration with the facade team was an outstanding demonstration of precision, organisation, and positive interaction. Rommel Ltd’s dedication to quality assurance processes demonstrated that the STARKE40 joinery was manufactured and installed to the highest industry standards. Rommel’s quality assurance services played a crucial role in delivering a modern, multi-residential apartment building. Starke’s efforts  have helped Bracewell Construction and the wider facade team, provide safe and comfortable homes for the community. And Starke’s working relationship with Rommel has cemented Rommel Ltd as a trusted partner in construction quality assurance excellence.

Kāinga Ora Starke St George St | Rommel NZ Kāinga Ora Starke St George St | Rommel NZ

Kainga Ora Starke St George St Rommel NZ 3

Kāinga Ora Starke St George St | Rommel NZ

Kāinga Ora Starke St George St  – quality assurance by Rommel NZ