BuildNZ: A Game-Changing Experience

Rommel Ltd and Detec New Zealand had an extraordinary experience at the BuildNZ expo! We were thrilled to showcase the revolutionary Electron Leak Detection (ELD) method for membrane and waterproof testing using electron scanning technology. Attendee interest and engagement were incredible, reflecting the industry’s growing recognition of cutting-edge waterproofing solutions.

Showcasing Innovation in Membrane and Waterproof Testing

At the expo, Rommel Ltd. introduced attendees to the groundbreaking ELD method. This technology fundamentally changes how membrane and waterproof testing is approached, offering unparalleled accuracy and efficiency. The electron scanning technique enables precise leak identification. It is a crucial tool for quality assurance in construction and waterproofing projects.

Success at BuildNZ Expo

Rommel Ltd and Detec New Zealand had an outstanding experience at the BuildNZ expo! We were thrilled to use state-of-the-art electron scanning technology to showcase the revolutionary Electron Leak Detection (ELD) method for membrane and waterproof testing. Attendee interest and engagement were beyond our expectations, highlighting the increasing recognition of innovative waterproofing solutions in the construction industry.

Introducing Cutting-Edge Membrane and Waterproof Testing

At BuildNZ, Rommel Ltd unveiled the groundbreaking ELD technology. This method represents a significant leap in membrane and waterproof testing, providing unprecedented accuracy and efficiency. The electron scanning technique precisely identifies leaks, transforming quality assurance processes in construction and waterproofing projects.

Benefits of ELD Technology

Precision and Efficiency: The ELD method offers unmatched accuracy in leak detection, significantly reducing time and resources compared to traditional approaches.

Reliability: Electron scanning technology ensures a comprehensive assessment, minimising the risk of undetected leaks.

Cost Savings: Early and accurate leak detection through the ELD method reduces potential damage and repair costs.

A Collaborative Triumph with Detec Systems

Malcolm Ross and Greg Crocker of Detec Australia and Detec New Zealand provided invaluable support and collaboration, bolstering our success at BuildNZ. Their expertise has been crucial in advancing electron scanning technology. Together, we are pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in waterproof testing and setting new industry standards.

The Premier Platform: BuildNZ

BuildNZ is New Zealand’s premier trade-only exhibition for professionals who design, construct, and manage the nation’s buildings and facilities. For over 30 years, BuildNZ has been the leading trade event for the build, construction, and design industries. The expo brings together thousands of building professionals and industry innovators to share ideas, showcase the latest products, discover cutting-edge technologies, and forge vital business relationships.

Why BuildNZ?

BuildNZ provided an excellent platform for showcasing our innovations and connecting with industry leaders, professionals, and enthusiasts. The event highlighted the growing demand for efficient and reliable waterproof testing solutions. The positive feedback and high level of interest we received underscore the significance of our work and the potential for further advancements.

BuildNZ saves time and money by offering an incredible variety of new products and services, enabling attendees to source the best suppliers and trade deals under one roof. Exhibitors showcase products and services across various categories, including:

– Building Materials

– Software & Technology

– Consulting

– Green Building

– Government & Regulation

– Interior Design

– Equipment & Tools

– Sustainability

Proudly New Zealand-owned and operated, BuildNZ is delivered by an expert team dedicated to helping exhibitors and visiting professionals achieve outstanding results.

A Vision for the Future

Rommel Ltd is committed to developing and promoting advanced waterproof testing technologies. Our work will contribute to more durable and sustainable construction practices. The insights gained and connections made at BuildNZ will drive us forward as we strive to bring the best possible solutions to the market. As we continue developing and promoting advanced technologies, we are excited about the future and the possibilities for sustainable, reliable waterproofing solutions.

Join Us in 2025

BuildNZ is set to join forces again in 2025 with Facilities Integrate and The National Safety Show. This collaboration will deliver products and services that cover the entire spectrum, from design and build to management, maintenance, and improvement of New Zealand’s buildings, facilities, and commercial premises. We look forward to participating and taking our innovations to the next level.

We extend our heartfelt thanks to everyone who visited our BuildNZ stand and our Detec Systems partners for their unwavering support. Together, we are revolutionising the waterproofing field with cutting-edge technology and innovative solutions.

Stay tuned for more updates from Rommel Ltd as we continue our mission to redefine industry standards in membrane and waterproof testing.

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